6 Essential Tools that Uber Drivers Need

Uber has definitely taken over the transporting business as it is economical, efficient and convenient. You can just get an Uber car in a matter of minutes by making a few taps on your smartphone. The secret behind the success of Uber is the fact that it has used a medium that is most widely used which is a phone application. The interface is quite user-friendly so even the least tech-savvy ones among us can easily access the application to hire a car and go to any desired location at any time. However, Uber drivers need to possess some essential tools that can make their driving experience smooth and hassle-free. Here is a list of six essential tools that every Uber driver needs and these also come in a kit by ulturapro: (more…)

1. Phone Holder/ Cradle

If you are an Uber driver, then the cell phone is your only way to get customers so you definitely need it all the time. Speaking on the phone holding it in your hands or in your lap is dangerous and is also illegal. Thus, for this reason, you need to buy a phone holder from which enables safer use of your phone. (more…)

2. Phone Charger with Aux Cord

All the applications that you need to use as an Uber driver like Google Maps, Uber applications, and GPS consume a lot of your battery. You know the phone is very important for you rather as important as the car and a low or empty battery can lead to loss of income. This can only be averted by using a phone charger which keeps your phone charged all the time. Most young riders prefer to listen to their genre of music whilst on the ride and the aux cord enables them to connect their phone, iPod or mp3 players such that the FM transmitter streams music seamlessly to your car radio. (more…)

3. Ultrapro Ten Pack Vomit Bag

Have you ever thought about the consequences of a passenger throwing up in your car? It not only results in cost of getting the car cleaned but you also lose potential income during this down time. Thus, it is extremely important to have a pack of vomit bags handy for that emergency situation. (more…)

4. LED Cree tactical flashlight torch

This LED flashlight torch is helpful as it assists you to identify property numbers in areas where lighting is poor or unavailable. It is important to have vision of surroundings at night for your safety and your riders. It also handy in case of a burst or a flat tire, when you need to get things right. (more…)

5. ulturapro car bin trash bag

Are you tired of how messy some riders make your car look dirty by leaving litter in the backseat? Often ample time is required to clean up which means that instead of carrying passengers you are busy cleaning. The best way to solve this problem is by keeping an Ultrapro car bin trash bag at the back of the passenger or driver seat.. (more…)

6. ulturapro back seat cooler bag car organizer

Uber pushes its drivers to provide drinking water for the comfort of their riders so such a cooler bag car organizer is definitely one of the essential tools, which Uber drivers need to have. It also has different sections for holding extra stuff such as mint to keep the passengers refreshed (more…)


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