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Cards Against Humanit a game for horrible people

Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition Main + 6 Expansions

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Cards Against Humanity + 6 Expansions

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Cards Against Humanity Base Set plus 6 Expansions

“550 cards (460 White cards and 90 Black cards)
Over 13 duodecillion possible rounds (10^40) with 6 players
Professionally printed on premium playing cards
Includes game rules and alternate rules, Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. ”

This offer consists of the following

Main Base Set
Expansion 1 x 1
Expansion 2 x 1
Expansion 3 x 1
Expansion 4 x 1
Expansion 5 x 1
Expansion 6 x 1